Why a Catholic School

Your child’s education should not be the same as their classmates. Why? Your child has unique gifts and deserves teachers who seek opportunities for progress, every school day.

Catholic schools offer this and more by not only pursuing academic excellence but excellence in all pursuits.

Of course, academic achievement is important in every school. However, academic achievement alone does not define success in our world.

Your child’s education should not only be measured by tests and scores. Teachers in Catholic schools know a ranking upon graduation is not the sole definition of your child’s success.

Their education should also be filled with encouragement and wonderment; where their heart sings with joy, every school day.

It should be an education that prepares them to walk gently in an increasingly complex world. And a Catholic education creates a life of purpose, kindness, honesty and compassion.

Catholic schools partner with parents to:

  • Teach faith-based, lifelong learning that engages the whole person.
  • Encourage every child to pursue academic excellence, plus excellence in all pursuits, so they realise their God-given potential.
  • Nurture the gifts of each child, encouraging them to follow and live the teachings of Jesus.

How to apply

Each Catholic school has its own procedure for enrolment. Parents are encouraged to contact their preferred school, to find out more.

You may also complete an enrolment application form and this will be provided to your school-of-choice.

Please note; not every Brisbane Catholic school may be listed on this form.

Enrol online

Does my child need to be Catholic to attend a Catholic school?

Enrolment applications can be made at your school of choice regardless of your child’s faith background.  Having said this, children who are baptised Catholic are given priority of enrolment at our Archdiocesan schools.

More detailed information on enrolment can be found on the school’s website, including the order of priority. A school’s enrolment registrar can help you with enquiries, so please contact the school directly.

What is BCEs enrolment policy?

Our schools’ enrolment policies are based on the principles outlined in the Catholic Education Commission Student Enrolment Policy and this acts as a guide for school principals, when drafting an individual school policy. As you can appreciate, each school is unique and slight differences will occur between schools, so we encourage you to talk directly to the school for more information on their enrolment process.

Do Catholic schools have the same catchment zone restrictions as State Schools? 

Unlike Education Queensland schools, Brisbane Catholic schools do not have catchment areas but they have Archdiocesan parish areas.  If your parish does not have a school, you can apply for enrolment at any bordering parish that has a school.

If you want to enrol your child into a particular Catholic school, you can, regardless of your location.  In saying this, acceptance into that school is subject to their enrolment process.

If my child attends a Catholic primary school are they guaranteed to be accepted into a Catholic secondary school?

School children who are nearing the end of their Catholic primary education, may be given priority when enrolling into a Catholic secondary school.  In saying this, acceptance is not guaranteed and is subject to each school’s enrolment process. We encourage you to directly contact the college about this.

If I already have a child in a Catholic School, will it be automatic for their siblings to be accepted into the same school?

Our schools are able to give first priority to siblings in most cases. It is important that an application for enrolment is made at the school and that you contact the school directly to confirm its approach to sibling enrolment.

When does my child begin Prep?

It is compulsory for all Queensland children to undertake a full-time Prep year, prior to Year 1.  To be eligible to enrol in Prep your child must turn 5 by 30 June in the year of attendance in Prep. For more information please refer to the Queensland Government website.

Can I delay the entry of my child to Prep?

You may delay your child’s entry to Prep (and subsequently Year 1) if you feel your child is not ready to start school. An example is if the child is still developing their social and emotional skills.

Can I enrol my child into Prep early?

Early entry to Prep is only possible if the child meets all the legislative conditions set out in Part 4, Section 15 of the Education (General Provisions) Regulations 2006.